About the Sapa ecolodge

Homestay with an educational program for the local children

The Sapa Ecolodge building is under construction, it will be ready by the end of 2018. The ecolodge has 10-12 beds and will be situated 8 kilometers from Fansipan Legend Cable Car Station in Sa Pa. The terrace offers a great view over the Sa Pa Muong Hoa-valley, the river and the mountains of Hoàng Liên National Park.

Sapa Ecolodge is under construction

Sapa Ecolodge includes free modern shower and modern toilets to western standards. Other facilities will be:

  • To book a free talk to local children of the village, who are willing to learn English in this homestay. Talks are arranged by Ly Hangthilee in the lodge. For you a unique chance to come in close contact with the local children. The lodge provides in teaching books, you always have maximum of two children.
  • To book cooking classes: how to make the original Vietnamese spring rolls. A local Hmong woman is your teacher, you can let us know if you are interested!
  • You can play darts at this homestay
  • The area is popular for cycling. The homestay will also offer bike hire.

What is ‘Eco’ in this homestay?

‘Do something good for the community and let others do the same’. That's our vision. Click on the button below to read more about what Sapa Ecolodge stands for

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