Cooking lessons

Learn to cook like a local

Teaching tourists who are staying in the lodge to prepare Vietnamese food like spring rolls, how to prepare the roll and learn to fill the spring roll with local food, vegetables, local meat and local herbs. Thang & Ly Sa Pa-Eco lodge are offering cooking lessons to the guests. The teaching cook is a local Hmong-woman.

To explain more about why it is important for Hmong women to have their own business, in Hmong society in Asia, males tend to hold more public and social power than females. From birth, Hmong females are seen as ‘belonging to their husband’s families’ because when women get married they must leave their birth family to live the rest of their lives with their husbands and in-laws and join his ancestral clan and derive her identity from that. Therefore, Hmong girls and women in Sa Pa face a number of hardships and setbacks just because of their gender. According to custom, only men can inherit precious farm land from their parents, so women’s right to land depends heavily on their marital status. Girls are often discouraged over boys from completing primary or secondary schooling and have very high rates of illiteracy. Yet, even so, many Hmong girls like those at Sa Pa Sisters have taught themselves near-fluent English, besides many other languages.